Airplanes for the Nazca Lines

airplanes we use for the Nazca Lines

We pride ourselves in offering visitors the best quality airplanes in the Nazca airport. We are the only air company that offers exclusive flights over the Nazca and Palpa Lines aboard Turbo Centurion Cessna airplanes, which have a high wing desing, providing each of our customers excellent views of the Nazca drawings. Our airplanes also offers a great comfort due to its spacious cabin, with leather seats and stable platform for long flights over the Nazca desert.

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Nazca Lines Tours Nazca Lines Planes

Flights Over the Nasca Lines


Our hangar is located at the local Nazca airdrome, some 5 minutes away from the Nazca city. At our office we have a qualified staff in charge of helping all our clients and assist you in case you need some information, not just about the lines, but also general information about Nazca city and its local attractions.

As we wait for permission of the control tower to take off, we show our clients a video film about the Nazca Lines that offers serious information of the Nazca Culture and the figures etched on the desert floor.This video film was made by BBC form London, this TV company brought a group of experts on the Nazca Lines and spent some seasons triying to solve the riddle of their meaning. The video lasts about 40 minutes and provides serious information about the Nazca Lines.

Mystery Peru operate aerial tours over the Nazca and Palpa Lines at the Nazca airport. We are a peruvian owned company from Nazca, which main goal is offering the best aerial tours in our birth place and also provide personal, family-style attention to all our clients. We offer daily departures from the Maria Reiche airdrome in Nazca, but something else......the best value.

Our pilots...

We require all our pilots to hold the prestigious FAA Certified Flight Instructor rating, as well as the basic Commercial Pilot license common to our competitors. Our pilots have already flown over the Nazca Lines zone for many years, so their experience will ensure a smooth ride , taking you up close to observe the Nazca figures.

Classic flights over the Nazca Lines...

This tour covers a flight over the most well known Nazca figures, such as the monkey, spider, condor, parrot, whale, hummingbirds and many others, and is perfect for family groups and individuals. This flight lasts about 40 minutes.

See map of the Nazca Lines by clicking here

Especial flight over the Nazca and Palpa Lines...

This especial tour lasts about 1 hour and offer first a flight over the Nazca Lines and then continues pasing over wonderful desert scenary till the Valley of Rio Gran and Palpa where are located the oldest and most bizarre figures made by the Nazca people. In additon to the figures you will also see huge trapezoids and hundreds of lines runing all over the hills.

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Children Discounts (12 or under)

How to book this tour....

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Flight over the Nazca Lines with helicopters

Nazca and Palpa Lines with helicopters

Enjoy a different way to observe these wonders of the ancient world aboard a helicopter. We offer exclusive flights over the Nazca and Palpa Lines aboard small helicopters. Click on the picture to see our complete program and more details.

Museum in nazca

Museum Antonini

Museum Antonini in Nasca

Don't miss this great oportunity to visit one of the best museums we have on the southern coast of Peru. The Antonini museum houses the discoveries of the Italian Archaeologist Giuseppe Orefeci made at the ceremonial center of Cahucachi. For further information and more details please click on the picture on the left. ere


The Temples of Cahuchi

Ceremonial Center of Cahuachi

The Ceremonial city of Cahuachi is located about 28 kilometres away from the modern city of Nazca, virtually in the middle of the desert. Since 1982 the Italian Archaeologist Giuseppe Orefeci have begun a tireless work uncovering year after year the lost city of the Nazca people...see more clicking on the picture on the left.


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