Sandboarding on Cerro Blanco in Nazca

Cerro Blanco...THE HIGHEST SAND DUNE OF THE WORLD - 2,078 M. high.


Our sand boarding tour starts off with a nice trekking through the Andean Slopes, passing wonderful landscapes till we reach the summit of Cerro Blanco. Once at the top we will practice sandboard on the many whimsical dune formations that overlook the Nazca Valley. After we had been jumping from one dune to another, we will get to the steepest section of Cerro Blanco, a great slope of sand that is over 600 metres long. Here our sandboarders receive the last instructions of our tour leader, and eventually jump down over this great slope. It is indeed a wonderful ride, full of adrenaline that offers not only fun, but also an unforgettable experience.

Photo Gallery of Cerro Blanco in Nazca.

Trekking to the Cerro Blanco Dune Trek to the summit of cerro blanco Sandboarding Trek to the summit of Cerro Blanco

Program: 2 days / 1 night.

1° Day: Trek to the summit of Cerro Blanco - Camping

Our team leaves at 14:00 hrs. We will drive you up towards the western slopes of the Andes for about 25 minutes. Eventually our bus will drop us off in a point where we will start to hike. We will follow a trail that makes the conquest of this huge dune much easier. The hike is gentle at the beginning, and it gets a little rough once we reach the sandy slopes. It takes about 3 hours to get to the top. On the way we will be able to see unique sceneries of the Andes as well as whimsical dune formations all over the place. After some group photos, our staff will pitch the tents and we will sit right on the top to observe the sunset. Camping at the top of Cerro Blanco.

What is included on this day?

  • Private transportation to the KM 28.
  • Camping Equipment (large tents for only 2 people each).
  • Sandboards.
  • Guide + Emergency mobile phones.
  • Transfer back to Nazca.

What is not included?

  • Sleeping bags.
  • Meals, except for breakfast on the second day.
  • Hotel in Nazca.

2° Day: Sandboarding - Return to Nazca.

On thi second day we will get up early to see the sunrise over the Andes. Then we will grab our boards and will start to practice sandboarding. Previously, we will learn some safety techniques so that you can enjoy your ride safely. We will start to practice on the many little dunes that are at the top, so once we have practiced enough, we will jump off the longest slope. The length of this slope is about 800 metres long, so a lot of fun should be expected.
Once we have landed at the shore of Cerro Blanco, we will have to walk downhill for about 45 minutes, until a point, where our transfer back to town will pick us up. End of the excursion.

What is included on this day?

  • Private transportation to the KM 28.
  • Camping Equipment (large tents for only 2 people each)
  • Sandboards.
  • Guide. Emergency mobile phones.
  • Transfer back to Nazca.
  • Breakfast at our hotel on the second day.

What is not included?

  • Sleeping bags.
  • Meals, except for breakfast on the second day.
  • Hotel in Nazca.

Daily departures:

14:00 hrs.


  • On this tour you must bring light clothing, as the weather in Nazca used to be very hot, especially in summer time (from December to March) when temperatures can reach 40º C / 104 ºF sometimes.
  • If starting out early it is advisable to wear a fleece and long pants as mornings are cold.
  • We suggest to bring sun block to avoid sun burning, a cap, a bottle of water, sun glasses and headlights.
  • Keep your camera in a zip-lock plastic bag to help protect it from sand.


How to book with Mystery Peru

Important: We need a minimum of 2 participants for this program.

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