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Enrique Levano

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Enrique Levano, owner of Mystery Peru. I started my career as a tour guide in 1998, since then I have worked for different travel companies, leading small groups throughout Peru. I have travelled with people from all over the world, mainly with Australians, English, Canadians, Italians and people from USA, showing them the best of my country on the coast, the Andes and the Amazon. I've done trips in almost every corner of Peru, enjoying with my tourist friends great time and experiences I could never forget. In 2004 I set out to open my own travel company and thanks to all the knowledge I was able to pick up during all these years on the road, today I can offer all my clients exclusive trips, ranging from short trips on the Peruvian coast to long excursions that take you to know the best of our country.



Past clients speak about us with more credibility than we can. We are very proud of the results of our hard work so far, and are determined to maintain a high quality of service and integrity. Click on the photos to learn more.

" Mystery Peru N° 1 for Nazca Lines... "

 Hak family from Australia

 24 June 2010,

We don't usually write reviews but this tour company was just outstanding. From the moment we got off the plane to when they took us back to the airport everything went so smoothly we can't fault them in anyway. Even their price was extremely competitive. They tailor made a tour for us to our requirements. Our driver was punctual, great with our kids and had better English than our Spanish. We felt like guests rather than just another family on a tour. The restaurants recommended were some of the best we went to in S.A. The hotel accommodation while supposedly 3 star were some of the best 3 star hotels we stayed in.
The most outstanding service came after we left Peru and our daughter lost her Nasca lines souvenir bracelet. The owner Enrique went to the trouble of buying a couple of replacement bracelets and posting them to us in Australia. We were prepared to pay for the bracelets and postage but he sent them as a gift.
What really makes this company different is the personal touch, and the little extra things they did for us such as recommending a visit to the fountain park in Lima after we had finished our city tour as they knew the children would like it.
We highly recommend Mystery Peru tour company for anyone traveling in Peru, especially if you are traveling with children.

" Mystery Peru - Nazca Lines"


 24 Junio 2010,

GREAT! I went with a group of 5 people and we used Mystery Peru to do our flight over the Nazka Lines. Our tour guide, Leo Reyes, was THE BEST! He picked us up at the bus station and then spent the entire day helping us out. He went to dinner with us, showed us some other cool stuff in the city since we spent the whole day there. ABSOLULTELY THE BEST! Totally made Nazca for my group.

" Mystery Peru Rocks.. "

Margaret Pounds

3 June 2010,

We went to Peru early just to see the Nasca (OK, is it Nasca or Nazca; even the Peruvians didn't agree on that) Lines and they didn't disappoint. We used Mystery Tours for a Lima airport pickup and for the Nasca Lines Tour. Enrique Levano was unbelievably fast in responding to my many emails and we were really pleased with our two-day Mystery Tour of the Nasca Lines. Their tour guide, Leo, was one of the best guides we have had on any vacation ever. He even hooked up a last-minute tour to Cahuachi, a site close to Nasca we had seen on the Discovery Channel, and it was awesome. I highly recommend it. Combine that with a great driver, Nilo, and we had a winning combination. Bravo, Mystery Tours!

" Amazing "


7 Mayo 2010,

I was in Peru and for the Nazca lines , the sandboarding and Paracas reservation i ve made a reservation with Mystery Peru. The guide from the Nazca lines was very good , he knew very good english and he never been outside of Peru. I made good friends with everybody !!!!It s an amaizing agency !!!! Good services !!! And the driver was very very polite !!!!! I recommend this agency !!!!

" Huacachina, Ballestas Islands, Pisco
tour...Amazing "


22 Marzo 2010,

I was in Peru and for the Nazca lines , the sandboarding and Paracas reservation i ve made a reservation with Mystery Peru. The guide from the Nazca lines was very good , he knew very good english and he never been outside of Peru. I made good friends with everybody !!!!It s an amaizing agency !!!! Good services !!! And the driver was very very polite !!!!! I recommend this agency !!!!

" Awesome Experience "

 Marie Crossley

 29 August 2009,

Wow! Just returned from a three week tour of Peru. The geography is breathtaking, the culture and history fasinating and the people friendly.

As a member of the South America Explorer's (SAE) Club, I asked the manager of the Lima clubhouse for a recommendation on Mystery Peru Tours. He gave them an excellent review and we were not disappointed.

Enrique Lévano is the owner/operator of Mystery Peru. This company offers professional service with some of the best prices of any tour company in Peru. Our group of five did a three day two night package in the Nazca area which included a:
- boat tour of the Ballestas Islands
- guided tour of Paracas National Reserve
- Huacachina Oasis dune buggy ride
- guided tour of Chauchilla Cemetery
- guided tour of Pisco & wine vineyard
- flight over Nazca Lines
Through Mystery Tours we also hired a van and driver to take us from Nazca to Arequipa. Opting for the flexibility to start and stop at our discretion. We didn't arrive in Arequipa until after dark, which is why my friends didn't notice that their expensive digital camera had slid under the driver's seat. It was about half-an-hour after we settled into our hotel in Arequipa that my friends noticed their camera was missing. Since we knew our driver, Sandro, was not staying overnight in Arequipa we thought their chances of seeing their camera again was pretty slim. Once we realized it was missing we gave Enrique a call and within the hour Sandro double backed and returned to our hotel with camera in hand. We were so impressed. That's what I call service.

If you are looking for a reliable, locally owned and knowledgeable travel agency look no further - Mystery Tours will not disappoint.

" Tour is an excellent tour to use! "


 17 June 2009,

Dear Traveler's;
While planning our trip to Peru, we researched extending our visit to included flying over the Nazcza Lines. We used the internet to find the tour that would best meet our criteria. Mystery Peru Adventure Tours, operated by Enrique Levano surpassed all expectations!. From the first on line enquiry to the end of the tour, this tour was fabulous! We received extremely prompt replies to our questions before and during the tour. When we arrived in Lima, Peru, we emailed Mr. Levano from our hotel and he called us within 20 minutes, to confirm the pickup time for the next day. Sandro, our driver and Leo our gudie were wonderfully kind, helpful and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the area we visited. We booked the 3 day tour of Paracas, Nazca and the Ballestas Islands, and it was excellent.! Mystery Peru offers a variety of different tours.Thankyou Enrique, Leo, and Sandro for all you did!

" Nazca Lines "

 Ed Libby.

 03 novenber 2009,

We used Mystery Peru for tours in Nasca, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. We had a great trip to Peru and appreciate the help provided by Enrique. Everywhere we went for those 2 weeks there was someone there to meet with us the night before our tour to explain the plan for the next day. The tour guides were the greatest; very friendly, helpful and knowledgable about the area. Many times it was just the tour guide and the two of us. We love Peru and the great people there.
I learned of Mystery Peru on the web and found them to be very reliable, helpful with great tours and guides. I can highly recommend Mystery Peru.

Thanks, Judy and Ed Libby...

" A great local agency -- Mystery Peru "

Travelling Axe

 3 febrery 2007,

Mystery Peru is a local Nasca agency that we booked several tours through including:
- overflights of Nasca Lines
- personal guided tour of Nasca Museum,
- Cantallo Aqueduct system
- personal guided tour of Chauchillo Cemetery
- car and driver from Nasca to Arequipa
- tour to the Colca Canyan from Arequipa
- tour of Lake Titicaca

Enrique, the owner, is extremely competent and detail-oriented. He made sure everything went off without a hitch. This was a great way of doing these tours for a family of 4, with having one personal guide take us to these places -- instead of being part of a big bus group of tourists.

Tours to the Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca were arranged by him through other agencies, and thus were with larger groups of people. But he made sure everything was organized clearly, and that we were picked up at the right time, and at the right places. Even when we had to change hotels in Puno, we emailed him, and he immediately sent a contact to double-check our location.

One tip about the Nasca Lines -- take your GRAVOL before you get up in the air!!!

We found the 9-hour drive during the day, in a private van much preferrable over the overnight bus. We got to see the variance in landscape, saw dolphins in the ocean, small shanty towns--and not have to cope with trying to sleep on a bus