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Mystery Peru invites you to visit Trujillo, the city of eternal spring. Explore with us all the archaeological and colonial wonders Trujillo has to offer, such as the ruins of Chan Chan, one of the largest cities of mud in the world, declared by the UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. In Trujillo you can explore ancient pyramids, including the temple of the Sun and the Moon. Also El Brujo complex, a mysterious place decorated with inspiring figures of dancers, slaves and warriors. The modern city of Trujillo also has a splendid Colonial architecture where stands out the Cathedral and many well preserved Colonial houses. Another great spot in Trujillo is the Huanchaco beach where you will be able to enjoy sand beaches and delicious seafood.

Photo Gallery of Trujillo.

Trujillo City Chan Chan Ruins Chan Chan Ruins Trujillo Beach


09:00 h. You will be picked up from your hotel by our local guide, then you will board a private vehicle and we will start our city tour of Trujillo. Our first visit will take place at the archeological site of La Huaca del Dragon, also known as the as La Huaca del Arco Iris, (rainbow shrine) located to the outskirts of the city, some 4 kilometers,  at the district of Esperanza. At the site we will see an ancient temple built with mud bricks that show on its huge walls representations on high relief of mysterious deities from the Chimu people, an old culture that ruled the northern lands of Peru about 1200 AD. Here our local guide will explain you about these weird friezes on the walls.
Our second visit will take place at the Cassinelli museum, a great private collection that has on display unique pieces from the different cultures that thrived on the north of Peru about 2000 years ago. At this remarkable museum you will be able to see genuine ceramics from the Moche Culture representation various types of animals, musical instruments, human deceases, different human races from ancient times and fine erotic scenes. This museum shows pieces mainly from the Mochica, Chimu and Recuay Culture. The Cassinelli museum is undoubtedly a small treasure of the city of Trujillo. Later we will drive our vehicle to the center of the city where we will visit the house of the emancipation, a historic place where the precursors of independence met for the forthcoming independence of Peru. In the interior we will be able to observe a beautiful mock-up that shows the historic center of Trujillo during the colonial epoch.
Then we will visit the Calonge house or Urquiaga house, one wonderful construction of neoclassic style that once housed the liberator Simon Bolivar. In the interior of this colonial house we will appreciate Simon Bolivar’s desk, pottery collection and other interesting relics.
Finally we will do a short walking tour around the main square of Trujillo and will be able to see the cathedral Trujillo, whose foundation dates from XVII century. End of the tour.

What is included on this day?

  • Pick up from your hotel in Trujillo.
  • Private transportation.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees to all the places we visit.
  • Transfer back to your hotel at the end of the tour.

What is not included?

  • Extra & gratuities.


09:00 h. 14:00 h.

Tour Duration:

3 hours.


  • Bring sun block, a cap, and sun glasses.
  • Camera.

Additional Information:

  • Confirmation of the excursion will be received at time of booking.
  • All tours are operated in English unless otherwise stated.

Travel voucher:.

  • You will receive an electronic voucher via e-mail once your booking is confirmed.
  • For every confirmed booking you will be required to print your electronic voucher for presentation at the moment we start the excursion. The electronic voucher acts as a confirmation for all the services you have requested.

Local Operator Information:

  • We will send you complete operator information, including phone numbers at your destination.
  • Our Managers select only the most experienced and reliable operators in each destination, removing the guesswork for you, and ensuring your peace of mind.


Important: We need a minimum of 2 participants for this program.

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Video about the City of Trujillo



EXCURSION TO THE ruins of chan chan

Guided Visit to the Ancient Citadel of Chan Chan in the City of Trujillo

Mystery Peru offers you a fantastic tour to the ruins of Chan Chan, one of the largest cities of mud in the world, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1986. Explore with our local guide this ancient citadel built by the Chimu Kingdom around 850 AD, a city made up with large plazas, long streets, houses, gardens, temples, reservoirs and large mausoleums where Chimu kings were buried along with their wives and amazing treasures. Our excursion also includes the visit to the local museum of Chan Chan where you will be able to see on display genuine artifacts discovered....Click on the image to see more.


Guided Visit to the Pyramids of The Sun and the Moon at the Moche Valley

Visit the spectacular Moche Valley and enter a world shrouded in mystery. We take you to visit the pyramids of the sun and the moon in Trujillo. Visit with a local expert these gigantic pyramids built more than 1500 years ago. Walk into the moon pyramid and discover the fascinating world of the Moche kingdom. Explore different levels of the pyramids and see impressive scenes on high relief showing bloody rituals and the mighty Moche god named AIA-PAEC. Our excursion also takes you to know a community where you will be able to meet the descendants of ........ Click on the image to learn more.



Guided Visit to the Ruins of El Brujo and the Museum of the Lady of Cao

Travel on private vehicle to the beautiful valley of Chicama and visit one of the most incredible archeological discoveries of all time “The shrine of el brujo”. Explore with our local guide this fascinating sacred shrine of the Moche culture and admire its great walls covered with friezes on high relief, showing terrifying scenes of warriors and decapitated prisoners. Here you could also see the grave of La Dama de Cao, the remains of a female Moche warrior, who was buried with amazing ornaments made of gold, silver and beautiful stones. You will be able to see all her treasures........Click on the image to learn more.


Guided Visit to the Private Collection of Don José Cassinelli in the City of Trujillo

We invite you to know the spectacular private collection of Don Jose Cassinelli in the city of Trujillo. Visit with a local expert this amazing museum and learn about the Moche Civilization and other important cultures that thrived in the north of Peru. The Museum Cassinelli has on display unique pieces from the Moche Culture that shows scenes of the Moche society. Among the pieces you can see representations of various types of illness that existed at that time, as well as different human races revealing that these lands were inhabited by various human races long before the Spanish......Click on the image.

excursion to the huaca of the dragon

Guided Excursion to the Huaca of the Dragon or Huaca of the Rainbow in Trujillo

Mystery Peru takes you to visit the Huaca of the Dragon at the city of Trujillo. Explore with a local expert this ancient shrine whose walls are covered with mysterious representations that resembles dragons and weird marine creatures. Our program also includes a visit to the the Cassinelli museum, a private collection that shows unique pieces from the Moche Culture that with scenes of the Moche society. Among the pieces you can see representations of various types of illness that existed at that time, as well as different human races revealing that these lands were inhabited by.........Click on the image to learn more.

ESPECIAL TOUR TO THE Royal tombs of sipan

Visit the Royal Tombs Museum Of Sipan

Mystery Peru will lead you to know one of the most impressive museums of all America. Visit with us the spectacular museum of real graves of Sipan, a wonderful sanctum constructed in the shape of a big pyramid truncates inspired by the architecture of the Mochicas. Appreciate the extraordinary collection of gold, silver and golden copper of the museum, a real sacred temple that it lodges kings of the Moche culture, which were found in tombs full of treasures and human beings sacrificed in his honor. Here you will meet the rests of the big Master of Sipan, a warlike considered boss semi god for his people, a supreme being found in a big pyramid of mud, intact for more than 1500 years.