Tambopata Reserve in Peru

Tambopata Reserve

Mystery Peru invites you to venture in the Southern Jungle, the most beautiful rainforest of Peru. A green paradise, particular famous for its monkeys, giant river otters, black caimans, capybaras, tapirs, and hundreds of bird species. The world's largest known mineral clay lick is found also at this area, where hundreds of parrots and macaws congregate daily to lick the clay. Explore with us this wonderful lowland and learn also about the native people who live in small communities along the Tambopata River. Enjoy delicious food from the jungle and spend the night in our romantic lodges designed especially for you.

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Tambopata Reserve Tambopata Reserve Tambopata Reserve Tambopata Reserve
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Rainforest Expedition

Rainforest Expeditions was established in 1989 and operates three award winning Amazon lodges: Posada Amazonas, Refugio Amazonas, and Tambopata Research Center. Each Amazon lodge uncovers a wide array of fascinating ecotourism experiencies in the middle of our jungle, in the amazon rainforest. Posada Amazonas opened its doors in 1998 and has become a major attraction for those looking for a short stay in the rainforest with the promise of an authentic eco-tourist experience. It is a rustic first-class community partnership eco-tourist project that is jointly owned by the Ese-Eja community of Infierno and is situated inside the community's private reserve.

Libertador Tambopata Lodge

Founded back in 1991, the Libertador Tambopata Lodge is one of the most established eco-tourism lodges on the banks of the Tambopata River. There are now a total of nine rainforest lodges in the Puerto Maldonado area, reinforcing the status of the region as one of the major rainforest eco-tourism destinations in South America. With a capacity of 59 it is also one of the smallest lodges, which is how we intend to keep it. Smaller groups, we believe, contribute to a more fulfilling visit and reduce the impact on the many species of fauna that abound in the surrounding forest.

Reserva Amazonica Lodge

Climb the banks of the meandering Madre de Dios, and enter another world. Wake to a symphony of tropical birdsong; end your days by lantern light, falling asleep to the gentle night noise of the rainforest. Exotic, yet accessible, Reserva Amazonica Lodge is situated in a private reserve, surrounded by a vast jungle canopy. Inspired by native Amazon design, 30 private thatched roof cabaņas combine natural materials with contemporary amenities. Four cabaņa options are offered, creating the most luxurious of all lodges in the Amazon, with;Screened porch & hammocks, Tropical ceiling fans, Warm water showers, Lanterns, Low impact electricity Organic bath products, Robes & slippers.

Eco Amazonia Lodge

Few are those places in the world in which nature has displayed itself so magically splendorous and abundant as in Amazonian Jungle of Peru: a vast concert of vibrant rainforests, mighty and impetuous deep-flowing rivers, immense swamps and marshlands known as “aguajales” all of them conforming an exuberant ecosystem where life is manifest in virtually every form. In this wondrous realm -comprising an area of 10,000 hectares (approx. 25,000 acres) in extension and within the region known as Tambopata, at a point situated only 30 kilometers (approx. 19 miles) down the Madre de Dios river- is located the EcoAmazonía Lodge and Ecological Nature Reserve.